Rough & Bare was conceived in 2013 by owner and chef Anthony Milotic after he was struck with chronic illness, which saw him misdiagnosed with MS by doctors. During this time, specialists were unable to determine why he had unexplained numbness in his arms and legs and a general feeling of depression and fatigue. The prognosis? Sit back, live with the symptoms, get old and feel terrible. A result Anthony didn’t take lightly. With the help of his naturopath Tania Flack, they developed a nutritious wholefood diet containing bone broths, moderate protein, loads of fresh and fermented vegetables, good fats and most importantly limiting carbohydrates and refined sugar.

In just over six months, Anthony saw dramatic changes in his health – including weight loss, increased energy and a new lease on life. Due to his experiences, Anthony believes food is medicine and has opened Rough & Bare as a way to influence and educate the community around him one nutritious meal at a time!




We believe in food education, creating change, connecting people, creating community and being transparent and honest.

Heard of all the different diets: vegetarian, paleo, vegan, primal, low carb high fat, raw food and ketogenic? At times it can be overwhelming to decide which diet is best for you. At Rough & Bare, we don’t believe in labels, but rather bio-individuality. Which means, there is no one diet for everyone. Each person is unique and the same goes for your nutritional requirements. While we respect and are inspired by a number of different lifestyle food choices, we are focused on ensuring our food is unprocessed, whole and nutrient dense. Our philosophy is linked with science and we are continuously growing and evolving our menu based on new knowledge we attain from our advisors. We have one simply food pillar for health and that is J.E.R.F. – Just Eat Real Food!



Rough & Bare prides itself on the strong relationships we have with our suppliers and believe in having a connection with the farmers. Our farm to fork philosophy is strong in our café and we believe it is important to support local growers and sustainability. 

Our meat is organic, grass-fed and grass-finished and our chicken is free range, which means you are always getting the best quality meat that is nutritionally dense and high in vitamins and minerals. Cattle are designed to eat grass not grain in a feedlot. They are meant to roam free on the pastures and eat what is available to them. Pasture-raised meat contains five times more good fatty acids such as Omega 3’s, twice as many CLA’s (Conjugated linoleic acid), which regulate body composition and weight, and is high in Vitamin A and E and micronutrients. Basically, pasture raised meat is a powerhouse for your brain and recovery of cells. We love it! In regards to our seafood, we only source wild-caught sustainable seafood. We don’t support seafood farming practices as these dredge the ocean of bait fish to feed the farms and pollute waterways. Farms are also laden with antibiotics and the food is mixed with grains and soy to fatten them up quickly! Wild-caught seafood is what humans were designed to eat. They are much higher in Omega 3‘s and protein. They also contract fewer diseases and are free from antibiotics, pesticides and artificial dyes.

We work on the basis of 1 degree of separation from us and the farmer. We want the people we deal with to know where the produce is coming from or we will directly source the product ourselves. We believe in full transparency so you know exactly what you are eating.