Food is medicine! Through simply cooking methods, food can be healthy and taste great too.
— Anthony Milotic

If you’ve been following on instagram, you’ll notice that I have started a lengthy health protocol for around 6 months or so.

This hasn’t been for one particular reason, but more so to keep my optimal health in check.

The last time I did such an intensive protocol was prior to opening Rough & Bare and it was the main reason why Elise & I decided to open up the cafe in the first place. If you want more information on my journey and why I needed a change you can read about it here.

I’ve had an overwhelming response with the number of people who are interested in the protocol I am doing and what the process is, so I thought I should share it with everyone so it can spur you on to do your own research into maximising your health.

I have done extensive testing in consultation with my natroupath Helen Padarin. The entire list of my tests are as follows:

  • Organic acids test

  • Thyroid & adrenal hormone test

  • Omega 3 test

  • Parasite & bacteria stool test

  • Food sensitivity test

  • Hair tissue & mineral analysis

  • Vitamin D3 Test

  • Blood test - nutritional and inflammatory biochemistry

Below is also a list of the complete list of protocols from Stephen Cabral and the order in which I am doing them.  You can find links to his website on each of them for more information.

For any further information, please send me a message either via Instagram page or you can contact me here. Make sure you follow #anthonysdetox on Instagram and follow our page to stay up to date with all the current information about the protocols.

As always, I recommend you talking to your chosen health professional before undertaking any sort of cleanse, protocol or huge lifestyle shift. This is just my experience and am sharing with others in the hopes of inspiring others.

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Much Love & Health

Anthony Milotic